Population Dynamics


Many concepts in ecology build on a few fundamental concepts related to population dynamics. For example, an understanding of how population growth varies with population density in different situations is essential in order to understand many other concepts. However, many students find population dynamics a challenge, especially since it often involves a bit of math as well as graph interpretation. The concept inventory on population dynamics was developed to allow instructors to assess students understanding of population dynamics. This can be done at the beginning of the course in order to choose appropriate activities to improve students understanding as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of such activities.

Development Timeframe

This inventory has been fully validated, tested in large classes and used to assess the effectiveness of a structured learning activity.

Number of Questions

The fully validated inventory consists of 17 questions.


Malin Hansen developed the inventory questions, and over 60 UBC undergraduate students and many faculty members participated in the process. Please see the ‘People’ page to read biographical information about Malin, or to contact her for further information about this concept inventory.

Download the Population Dynamics Concept Inventory Package

You can download the files that make up the complete Population Dynamics Concept Inventory Package by clicking here.

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