To All Our Unsung Contributors…

All members of the Q4B team would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the instructors, professors, post-docs, teaching assistants, external experts, and undergraduate students for their input and help in validating these concept inventories.

Each question that appears in one of our fully validated concept inventories is subjected to rigorous assessment by students, who help us refine the wording of all questions, as well as the strength of each misconception represented by wrong-answer distractors, and the general interpretability of each question.

Following student feedback, we rely on “experts” within related fields to validate each question and give it a final “thumbs-up” before it makes it into the final product. It is the rigorous nature of this exercise that ensures the concept inventories really do test conceptual understanding in the way we mean them to.

So, once again, to all the many people who have given up their time to help us produce these concept inventories, we say a collective “Thank You!”. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Additionally, we would like to thank a number of others, whose financial backing has allowed the project to take shape. Q4B is financially supported by UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancements Funds, and through in-kind contributions from both the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative.

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