Speciation is a core concept in evolutionary biology, yet it is one of the most poorly understood. Numerous major misconceptions are present in student thinking at the undergraduate level and this inventory has been designed to highlight these. The authors are currently designing teaching interventions to accompany the concept inventory as tools for assessing learning gains.

Development Timeframe

From the initial stage of conducting open-ended student interviews, to designing questions, obtaining student validation and, ultimately, expert validation, this inventory is now ready for use. Data have been analyzed from pre and post-course tests run in classes at UBC.

Number of Questions

This inventory features 14 questions addressing concepts such as what a species is, how they originate, and the link between speciation and gene flow.


Greg Bole, Michelle Tseng, and Erica Jeffery collaborated to produce this inventory. Click on their names to read biographical information about them, or head to the ‘People’ page, from where you can message them directly.

Download the Speciation Concept Inventory Package

You can download the files that make up the complete Speciation Concept Inventory Package by clicking here.

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